With more than 25 years of experience in high performance sport, more than 16 years of experience in the development of sports nutrition products with a comprehensive expertise on the topic of cannabis as a medizin.

The sports nutrition experts from Wuweg Sport Solutions have created a world first in years of intensive cooperation with the Botanic Matters Group! Under the CANNASPORT brand, we are launching the first 100% WADA-legal two-component cannabidiol product. Finally, competitive athletes can benefit from the anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic and analgesic properties of cannabidiol (CBD). Since announcing that CBD has been removed from the list of banned substances in sports on January 1, 2018, the CANNASPORT team did not waste a second of making this product what it is - perhaps the most effective sports supplement of the world!

Quality characteristics

Since the market for CBD products has not yet been sufficiently regulated by law, it is up to the seriousness of the companies to set themselves high quality standards

Especially with CBD oils there are big differences. On the one hand, the raw materials differ on their own, on the other hand the way of extraction. With all too favorable offers one should be careful.

The "cheap" variant of the CBD oil is the so-called RAW oil, which still contains ancillary substances such as CBDa, CBG, CBN and terpene. These adjuvants are then included in the percentage of the drops, although they have virtually no effect.

Raw Materials

CANNASPORT uses only the highest quality raw materials. These are grown on organically certified EU fields. The first selection takes place after the harvest - only the best and healthiest flowers are selected by hand and the stems are removed by hand. The dried plants are immediately vacuum-packaged to maintain the high quality. As carrier we use high quality organic pumpkin seed oil from Styria.


In contrast to other manufacturers of CBD oils, the legally permitted limits for the THC content (up to 1% in Switzerland, 0.3% in Austria) are not sufficient for us. Since THC is on the list of prohibited substances in terms of the World Anti-Doping Code, our quality standard is to offer athletes a truly THC-free product.

This is done through its own production method, the so-called "fractional distillation". This method completely cleanses the extract of THC and chlorophyll. This happens in three steps:

Drainage: this removes any residual water and thus increases the effectiveness of the extract. This process keeps the majority of cannabinoic acids in the extract. By a gentle drying process in dry beds with air flow and dehumidifiers, the flowers are protected from damage and thus maintain the high quality.
Decarboxylation: To extract CBD from the cannabis plant, there are special extraction methods. CBD is present in the plant itself as carboxylic acid (CBDA). CBDA is a so-called inactive ingredient. The conversion of CBDA to the more pharmacologically effective CBD is called decarboxylation. In this process, a carbon dioxide molecule is split off from the CBDA by heating or anomalous catalysis. Only by this method, the CBD extract reaches the highest bioavailability.
Dewaxing: The so-called dewaxing is the most complex cleaning process that exists for cannabis extracts. Dewaxing is a process for stabilizing the extract by removing plant lipids and waxes. This prevents the extract from crystallizing and allowing the separation of specific cannabinoids such as THC.


Quality control:

Each phase of production passes through a process. For CANNASPORT, it is essential to test each batch produced to the exact ingredients. The CANNASPORT raw materials used and end product food quality. This was confirmed by the renowned and accredited laboratories.



On the one hand, the general effect of the substance(s) and, on the other hand, their bioavailability is decisive for the success or failure of a dietary supplement or drug. The effect of cannabidiol and the other substances contained in CANNASPORT are sufficiently scientific literature or studies that clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of the substances. How well these substances are absorbed in the body, however, is decided by the so-called bioavailability.

What does "bioavailability" mean?

The bioavailability indicates how much of an absorbed drug actually arrives in the blood and is therefore available to the body. The best way to deliver drugs outside the clinical (intravenous) area is through the oral mucosa. Due to the so-called sublingual (mucous membrane under the tongue) administration even the smallest amounts of an active ingredient quickly get into the blood. Through the blood vessels of the oral mucosa, they pass directly into the superior vena cava, which leads to the right heart. This completely bypasses the liver passage and the gastrointestinal tract. The active ingredient is not biochemically modified and is fully available to the body.

Loss of active ingredient when taken orally

When taken orally, the active substance must first pass through the liver to enter the bloodstream. However, it may be chemically altered there and is no longer fully available or, in the worst case, even no longer usable.

High bioavailability at CANNASPORT

The active ingredients contained in the CANNASPORT cbd2c system reach where they belong in a matter of seconds. Users will notice it within seconds.

The combination of two different component phases is precisely chosen for the active ingredients contained. The ECS booster is dripped under the tongue in phase 1, the plant tinctures contained are recorded in seconds. The alcohol contained in the drops helps to increase the storage of phytochemicals and cannabinoids.

The cannabidiol drops naturally have pronounced lipohidity (binding to fat), which makes them ideal for drop-shaped uptake under the tongue.