1. January 2018 has offered the sporting world a new way. With the deletion of the Cannabinoids CBD (Cannabidiol) from the list of prohibited substances has complied with the request of many top athletes, which one of the regeneration-promoting properties to benefit from CBD.

The 1. January 2018, unfortunately, was also the beginning of many misunderstandings. We have already written in a previous Blog about what to observe athletes when you purchase CBD products. A first case of doping of an American triathlete, made a THC-containing CBD cream for the positive doping case, the earning lock your six months, being responsible, and shook up the scene.

With the update of the WADA doping list for the year 2020 has clarified the WADA, the topic of "cannabinoids" again.

One of us long-desired clarification of the WADA, we are with you in the (translated) text back to:
In the substance class "S8. Cannabinoids", it was clarified the wording. All natural and synthetic cannabinoids are banned, including any preparations of Cannabis or synthetic cannabinoids. The only exception is Cannabidiol (CBD) is not prohibited. However, athletes should be athletes aware of the fact that CBD is extracted from cannabis plant and CBD products in indefinable amounts of ∆9-Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can contain. THC is prohibited in-Competition, and long detectable in urine.
This is exactly why our cbd2c-System has been developed. In our distillate neither THC other cannabinoids of the cannabis plant, but only allowing Cannabidiol (CBD) are to be found. And by that we REALLY mean NO. Neither traces of THC (0,00%), other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBN, or the like. Athletes have with this product is a 100% security!
As we have done in this area, not only in development but also in the educational work of pioneering work, we are of the WADA is very grateful for this clarification.

research and development

CANNASPORT® has made with its partners on the task, to explore the body's own cannabinoid system (endocannabinoid system) and to develop for athletes, effective natural products. That meaningful endocannabinoid-promoting substances are found not only in the hemp plant, that is the reason why our products are so successful and unique.
We look forward to seeing you two fantastic new products to introduce, which are, of course, are 100 percent compliant with the WADA Code.
The updated Doping lists of the WADA on the website of the National Anti Doping Agency Germany (NADA)