The measures in and around the Coronavirus Covid-19 has shaken the sports world. International leagues like the NBA or the Serie A in Italy have already stopped at an early stage of the season. Regular team training is in these weeks is not possible. Player training plans to get from your fitness coaches and are encouraged to keep within their own four walls fit. What may work in Endurance athletes such as cyclists or runners, well and easily over a longer period of time, it quickly provides strength, and team athletes in front of unexpected problems.

It is in principle possible to make the Training over a short period of time this way, but if this condition persists over several weeks, this can lead to the re-entry into the specific load and the competition everyday problems.

Specifically, if it is like in the German Bundesliga, contrary to expectations, but still a game should come out in the next few weeks, we expect a significant increase in the risk of injury.

On the other side of the ball athletes such as football players, whose movement apparatus due to the enormous exposure and the manual exposure anyway, after a long season, at the Limit, the ability to drive your System down and gain recovery time.

In such a Phase it is extremely important to keep the diet balanced and provide the body with important nutrients. In addition to the physical Stress of this Situation is for all of us, even for a professional athlete, a mental strain. Here, it is more important than ever to keep the body in homeostasis, in Balance.

An additional supply of the musculoskeletal system, with regenerating and endocannabinoid-promoting nutrients, is for ambitious athletes is essential. It should be in the short term is possible, team training courses, the player will be in advantage, the System can best move possible in the maximum performance mode.

In team sports, where very much the Start - and stop-load prevails, many of the performance tips are reported to the top, is also increases the risk of injury.

We have created for some of the team sports specific load profiles, which you can watch here. The list of sports is constantly updated and also Details improved.


the Following tips should be a Team player in the quarantine Situation to comply with:

  • maintaining social contact with the other players (phone)
  • implementation of the training plan
  • eliminating the use of alcohol
  • supply of high-quality food
  • The body and mind time for Regeneration and active relaxation (full bath, if possible with a base salt)
  • Additional intake of high quality nutrients


Since CANNASPORT®, particularly the study, prevention and supportive treatment of injuries prescribed by, reach out to us in these days of requests from professional sport reinforces learning what you can merge in such a Situation. We have put together a special "Injury Protection-Set", the 5 of our products combined.

This Set follows a holistic approach. On the one hand, it contains important nutrients such as essential fatty acids or CB-active intestinal bacteria. For ligaments and joints, we also have a special combination of nutrients. What is underestimated in such a Situation, often, the concentration and mindfulness during exercise. Here, athletes have the opportunity to interact with specially matched nutrients provide support. A concentrated mind performs the Exercise without the control of the Trainer correctly. A weeks incorrectly performed Exercise, however, leads to stress, and increases the risk of injury. CBD is in this Set also. It is primarily used to relax the muscles in regenerative measures (black-rolling, self-massage, etc.).

Injury Protection SEt

note: The use of these products are intended to support the maintenance of health and are not to be construed as a promise of salvation to.