In our latest Blog, we want to give you a little insight into the pioneering work that we and the Team of CANNASPORT Research in the development, exploration and interpretation of the endocannabinoid system for athletes make.

Based on existing study material you identified any Potential and assesses risks and opportunities for the athletes. Then you start with the field research.

Since the beginning of our work with athletes we have, especially of the regenerative effects, which can offer CBD to the athletes, some of it expected. We have also worked with athletes from various sports, as well as masseurs and physiotherapists. In our anonymous questionnaires, we have received the Feedback from the athletes, on the other hand, we have also asked the therapist for their professional opinion. They reported a reduced stress response of the patient. This stress reaction takes the Form of a protection voltage of the muscle. The human body reacts to the impending pain, as he is, for example, in the case of a hard sports massage trigger, with a subconscious additional tension. This makes it for the therapist on the one hand difficult, since he can't "often therapy-deep enough" in the muscle, on the other hand, it is uncomfortable for the patient and painful because of the pressure for the treatment must be increased. By the reduction of the protection voltage, the therapist can work deeper into the muscle, the Patient perceives the treatment as being more pleasant.

we Primarily write to these effects, the anticonvulsant properties of Cannabidiol (CBD). Studies show that CBD has been shown in the use of severe spasticity and epilepsy, medically relevant results. A further share could have the analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of CBD.

Also, these Tests indicate that a low CBDA and THC-represents the share of the key to the observed muscle relaxing effect.

These Tests give a positive first approach to a meaningful use in the treatment of athletes.

More information about this Case Study and the existing Studio material there is on the site of Cannasport Research