Craniocerebral trauma, in General, also, concussions can be a traumatic experience. The effects of skull-brain trauma are not only being felt at the Moment of injury, but can also have long-term consequences.

In some sports the risk of concussions omnipresent. Just contact sports such as American Football, Boxing, kick Boxing or even football have a high risk for concussions.

What is a Craniocerebral trauma?

As a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a slightly traumatic injury to the brain. Is triggered such Trauma by a blow to the head or an unnatural Change in the movement speed. In Sport, for example, would be a violent Hit in a Boxing match or a collision in American Football. Also in Motorsport or in competitive Cycling accidents and falls the skull-the brain can trigger trauma.

this is the brain in our skull well protected. It is surrounded by a bubble of spinal fluid, which makes it almost in this bubble for a swim. An unexpected impulse from the outside, such as a stroke, is now the liquid is no longer sufficient to protect the brain before a movement and the impact to the skull's interior. Through this impact, nerve damage and inflammation caused. All of this interrupts the natural chemical process in the brain and can lead to post-traumatic skull-brain Trauma.

As the symptoms for a concussion are headache, dizziness, Nausea, sensitivity to light and noise apply to anxiety disorders and memory loss.

The long-term damage of repetitive concussions workers, especially in American Football in recent years, more and more dishes. An American man is 75 years old - the life expectancy of an NFL player is between 53 and 59 years.

for this reason, the research in the last few years with ways to change and improve this situation. Research at the University of Oxford from the year 2011 show violations, for example, a connection between the endocannabinoid system and the Brain. A the 2013 (Hila Abush 2013) showed that the activation of the Cannabinoid receptors can be used in the treatment of cognitive deficits in stress-related and post-traumatic anxiety. In 2017, scientists were able to Genesis an increased neuro-and improved cognitive abilities in the case of injured animals find ( Mori 2017 ).

Even if the Study scope is not yet rich, and some need more work, it can be seen in practice already now, the great Potential of.

Among other things, it is attributed to the gentle pressure of the NFL, that CBD 1. January 2018 was taken from the WADA-list. To the desire to your injured athletes with CBD to treat, because they could achieve the best results.

However, not only in the case of severe trauma to the CBD for athletes is likely to be useful. Also so-called micro-traumas in the long term for athletes, dangerous. About the footballer, the run during their careers of thousands of head balls, are a trauma, a particularly vulnerable group for Micro.

The pathological significance of microtrauma injurious effect of repeated lies in their tissue. Recurrent micro trauma, if you to interact over a longer period of time to tissue structures, is clinically relevant changes in the trigger, also without any warning signs, such as pain. Long-term damage to the brain cannot be ruled out, therefore,.

A regular use of CBD may help these nascent micro-inflammations, effectively and in a natural way to keep in balance and to restore the homeostasis again.


Text: Cannasport Research